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Debt Collection

Ramothello & Tsotetsi Incorporated utilizes the latest advanced electronic collection centre technology to assist clients with the collection of outstanding debts. It has a system of profiling delinquent payers and can create defined work flows and strategies to match certain payment profile groups. This focus on arrears account management consequently makes for efficient financial management.

Their pre-legal call centres furthermore utilises revolutionary new accounts receivable and debt collection science software to provide users with the very latest in call centre technology, further maximising collection performance.

This 21st century software moreover allows Ramothello & Tsotetsi to operate thousands of accounts and to manage vast numbers of collections, thus maximising collection and minimising cost. Their software allows users to build specific campaigns according to sophisticated performance indicators that, in turn, reinforce effective recoveries according to generic or champion challenger strategies and monitor the performance and effectiveness of such campaign strategies.

RTi Debt Collection


Ramothello & Tsotetsi Incorporated provides a wide range of professional services to various clients. We specialise in corporate collections to the retail- & financial sectors as well as educational institutions.


  • Ramothello & Tsotetsi Incorporated is suitably qualified to provide excellent commercial and legal services.
  • Our characteristics are our professional and technical skills; competitive rates; commitment to affirmative action;

and the wide range of services we provide.



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